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Looking for a tutor!

Hi, if you happen to know someone or you are the someone who would like to teach me 2 particular things at Photoshop, feel free to contact me!

I would like to learn:
1. Creating icons with visible face details (even when the crop is distant).
2. Having them smooth and sharp same time:)

I am able to pay a lot, ha ha! :)

A new chapter in life:)

Hi, I'm back!
I have been doing my academic project for the last year and I am soooo tired with this now. However, I have published my first book on linguistics, article about The Godfather's language and translation (I started to like Italian and MOB after this, ha ha) and I'm done, starting new project soon, but this one is going to be more pleasant and less time consuming.
It's 1,5 year since I have been married to a great gamer and programmer, I love being a wife!
I lost some weight, being fit and active now!
I spent hours late at night playing Hearthstone and said goodbye to my two Siberian Cats - hubby turned out to be extremely allergic to them.
The only things I missed during this year were iconing and watching movies, so here I come!

I would like to thank lady_turner for being a great inspiration to me and I would also like to thank great icon makers who inspire me and advise me too: poisonfield, sweet_pink_paw, alisea_dream, neatmonster, tturners, naginis, sucksucksmile, dixon and others too! Thank you so much, you make one little life better and happier:) 

Have a great 2017!


-I learnt Photoshop a lot,
-I learnt German a bit, (I knew it quite well few years ago),
-I struggled and developed my academic career a lot lot lot,
-I spent first year with my husband, first Easter and Christmas,
-I stopped being a terrible and hopeless workaholic,
-I stopped judging book by its cover,
-I did a lot more sport than in 2015,
-I ate a lot less sweets than in 2015,
-I changed my wardrobe totally, got rid of old, old-fashioned and worn out clothes, bought some new ones,
-I became a master of make-up art,
-I learnt how to straighten my hair and the effect is awesome,
-I got my first iPhone,
-I collated my cosmetics,
-I gained a friend,
-I was so proud because my hubby got a really amazing and wonderful new job,
-I got a new job connected with beauty industry - it couldn't be better!

-I would like to lose wight,
-I would like to waste less time on youtube,
-I would like to cut down on sweets,
-I would like to do sport everyday,
-I would like to finish my academic project,
-I would like to spend more time with my friend,
-I would like to eat soups/salads rather than fatty dishes when I eat out,
-I would like to be nicer to my hubby:),
-I would like to learn German perfectly and gain a certificate,
-I would like to be a good worker at both my jobs and focus on the job I am currently doing, not thinking about the other one:),
-I would like to stop controlling everything, I must take things easy.

Have a great 2017!