mylengrave (mylengrave) wrote,

A new chapter in life:)

Hi, I'm back!
I have been doing my academic project for the last year and I am soooo tired with this now. However, I have published my first book on linguistics, article about The Godfather's language and translation (I started to like Italian and MOB after this, ha ha) and I'm done, starting new project soon, but this one is going to be more pleasant and less time consuming.
It's 1,5 year since I have been married to a great gamer and programmer, I love being a wife!
I lost some weight, being fit and active now!
I spent hours late at night playing Hearthstone and said goodbye to my two Siberian Cats - hubby turned out to be extremely allergic to them.
The only things I missed during this year were iconing and watching movies, so here I come!

I would like to thank lady_turner for being a great inspiration to me and I would also like to thank great icon makers who inspire me and advise me too: poisonfield, sweet_pink_paw, alisea_dream, neatmonster, tturners, naginis, sucksucksmile, dixon and others too! Thank you so much, you make one little life better and happier:) 
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