Answer for question 4578.

If you could remove one thing from the world to try to make it a better place for all people, what would you remove? Why would you choose that?
Getting fat from eating sweets. Yeah, I know, it's not ambitious at all. It causes depression, judgement, teenagers feel bad if they're fat. It shouldn't be like that!

Answer for question 4572.

For those who celebrate Christmas, what are your plans for the upcoming holiday? Are you hosting a Christmas dinner for family/friends, going to someone else's house, or just spending a day at home? If you have gifts to give, do you already have everything you need, or will you be shopping to the last minute?
I am getting married! Right after Christmas, 31st of December, yeah! Everything is ready, party for almost 130 people, it's gonna be legendary!
Christmas Tree is decorated, tomorrow there is Christmas Eve, so we gonna celebrate.

Answer for question 4574.

As most are already aware, Star Wars: The Force Awakens just opened. If you've seen it, what were your thoughts on it? What were your favorite moments, and what could have been done better? If you have no interest in this Star Wars movie, what current movie(s) would you recommend instead?
Yeah, I went to the cinema with my parents and my husband-to-be. My husband-to-be is a fanboy so he was happy, almost taken to heaven, my parents a little bit disappointed, like me. It is not what it used to be. Waiting for X-man instead!